Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Our Goal: To become the “greenest” Resort in Ontario

At Hockley Valley Resort, we are committed to implanting “green” initiatives that assist in reducing our carbon footprint. We take pride in being environmentally responsible and consider the impact on the environment in all of our decisions. Our goal to become the “Greenest” resort in Ontario is demonstrated through the implantation of programs and services that enable us to reduce reuse and recycle throughout the entire property.

Below is a list of the “green” initiatives we have in place:

  • Compost program that diverts 70 tonnes of waste from landfills and turns it into reusable compost
  • First year-round Resort in Ontario to be the part of the Enernoc program. This program allows the Resort to shed power from the grid during peak hours by internally practicing power reduction/saving programs
  • Stream/River water testing commissioned by the Resort, and executed by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority helps maintain clean stream and water ways throughout our property
  • We work with local farmers and producers to source locally grown ingredients. With the installation of fruit and vegetable gardens on-site, we yield 60-70% of our produce for all of our restaurants on-site in the 2013 season
  • Installation of the GOSLYN™ system that separates fat, oil and grease and diverts 99% from going into septic systems resulting in a bi-product that can be recycled for use in the bio-diesel industry
  • Take-out food outlets use only biodegradable packaging (food containers, lids, cups and cutlery), bulk condiments and a waste management system that sorts items into separate bins for recycling
  • We use environmentally-friendly Cascades, 100% recycled, and EcoLogo™ certified paper towel, tissue, toilet paper, and napkin products thereby saving 21, 367 kilogramss of waste paper, 74873 liters of water, 32 cubic meters of landfill space, 43,802 kilowatts of energy, 897 liters of oil, 641 kilograms of air pollutants and 182 trees annually
  • Ground source heat and cooling system that supplies our common space areas of the hotel with air conditioning and heat
  • In-room programs include recycling bins for paper and food/beverage containers and optional daily towel and sheet laundering
  • We are in the process of converting 100% of the Resort to energy star rated LED lighting
  • Initiated a battery recycling program for Resort employees and their families
  • Full-service restaurants offer reusable china and cloth napkins
  • All meeting rooms include energy-saving lighting, recycling bins and water and juices served in glass jugs with reusable glasses-no plastic water bottles
  • Initiation of no idle zones to reduce car/truck/bus emissions
  • Low energy lighting in our parking lot and throughout the Resort in public areas and guest rooms
  • Designated parking for Hybrid vehicles
  • We use organic guest room amenities, minimal fragrance and preservatives and packaging is biodegradable. All paper packaging used for the hand and bath soap is made with post-consumer paper, is recyclable and all links are vegetable based. All soaps are gentle formulations and vegetable based
  • Eco-friendly pens made from Kraft recycled paper and 100% recycled cornstarch
  • We have implemented an energy savings plan to begin replacing old heating and cooling systems with high-efficiency systems, converting electric systems to natural gas along the way:
    • Beginning this process with replacing energy consuming units operating at 50% efficiency high efficiency systems now operating at 95% efficiency
    • Approximately 50% of the Resort guest rooms’ heating and cooling systems were changed from high-energy consuming units to high efficiency units
    • We have replaced three boiler units to high efficiency units
    • We have replaced three boiler units that were running at 45% efficiency with high efficiency units now running at 95% efficiency