hiking on a log

Now that the warm weather has arrived, we want to do all the things outside! Here are just 3 of the ways that hitting the trails will help with solitude, adventure or a just breath of fresh air:

Home advantage: Often we don’t spend time appreciating the beauty of our own region, so go exploring in your neighbourhood to find hidden gems and new favourite places.

Great outdoors: It’s good for you! Hiking raises the heart rate, improves balance, builds muscle, can improve bone density, helps relieve stress and more. Trade your screen time for a little green time this summer!

New tricks: trying something new boosts confidence and adds a new skill to your toolbox. Want to mix it up? Go with a buddy or Hit up your local Facebook group to meet new friends, see new sights and cover new terrain.

Not sure where to head? Our region boasts many beautiful trails to try, from Island Lake to the Bruce Trail. Get out in the trails and take in the beauty or region has to offer!