Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Hockley Valley Resort, we are committed to green practices, reducing our carbon footprint and being environmentally responsible. Here are some of the ways we’ve gone green:

Food and Beverage:
  • Our composting program allows us to reuse material and divert it from the landfill.
  • We work with local farmers and producers to source locally grown ingredients. With the installation of fruit and vegetable gardens on-site, we yield 60-70% of our produce for all of our restaurants right on-site.
  • We have installed the GOSLYN™ system to separate fat, oil and grease, diverting 99% from septic systems and resulting in a recycled bi-product for use in the bio-diesel industry.
  • Our full-service restaurants save paper with reusable china and cloth napkins.
Housekeeping and Engineering:
  • We use environmentally-friendly Scott’s and Kruger EcoLogo™ certified paper towel, tissue, toilet paper and napkins. This saves 21,367kg of paper, 74,873L of water, 32m3 in landfill space, 43,802kw of energy, 897L of oil, 641kg of air pollutants and 182 trees annually.
  • Our guest room amenities are organic with minimal fragrance. Our soaps are plant-based, with gentle formulations.
  • All meeting rooms include energy-saving lighting, recycling bins and water and juices served in recyclable containers and/or reusable glasses.
  • Our waste management system sorts items into separate bins for recycling.
On the Property:
  • Regular stream/river testing is commissioned by the Resort and executed by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority to help maintain clean streams and waterways throughout our property.
  • We have installed low energy lighting throughout the Resort in public areas and guest rooms.
  • Pay per use FLO chargers for hybrid vehicles have been installed in the resorts main parking lot.
  • Approximately 50% of the Resort guest rooms’ heating and cooling systems have been upgraded to high efficiency units.
  • Three of our boiler units were converted from 45% efficiency to 95% efficiency units.