woman getting facial

We moisturize, we hydrate and we exfoliate, but sometimes it just isn’t enough… How can you keep your skin in great shape? Try a facial, performed by a trained professional, designed to target your unique concerns and feel better in your own skin! Here are some of the different types of facials Hockley Valley Spa offers:

Lo Splendore Natural Facial

Using products from the luxury, botanical based skincare line, we’ll take you through cleansing, exfoliating and extracting, featuring a mask and facial massage to get you feeling your best.

 Clinical Peel Facial

This treatment includes a deep cleansing and exfoliating ritual, using specially formulated chemical peels, lifting away those dead skin cells to bring out your brightest and freshest skin.

 Microderm Treatment

Using a highly controlled vacuum which emits minute corundum crystals, this treatment refines your skin’s texture and brings back a healthy glow.

Personalized Facial

This treatment is customized to meet your needs and includes a deep cleansing with enzyme peel and extractions, facial mask and a final mask. This facial is suited for everyone, it is relaxing and effective for a deep cleansing. It’s the perfect choice for facial newbies!

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

Is your skin tired, sun damaged or discoloured? This treatment provides deep exfoliation, facial massage, essential oils and a brightening Vitamin C mask to renew and refresh your skin.

Oxygen Ageless Facial

Regain that youthful glow with this treatment, infusing oxygen into the skin (complemented with serums and gels) with a light to medium peel.

The Hollywood Facial

The best of the best! Get firmer skin with this treatment, including microdermabrasion for a deeper exfoliation to reduce fine lines, discolouration and to stimulate collagen.

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