With all the buzz about helping our bee population, spring is a great time to get started! Did you know that bees pollinate about 75% of the crops grown by humans? Here are a few ways you can help attract bees to your garden and keep the population of these crucial pollinators growing strong:

  1. Some bees build nests rather than living in hives, so leaving bare patches in your lawn will give them the room they need.
  2. Skip the wood chips! While they might look more appealing, they make access to the ground difficult for bees trying to build a nest.
  3. Boost bee feeding time with a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the year to give them nectar-rich options each season. Plant these types of flowers to help draw bees to your garden: Alyssum, Asters, Echinacea, Geranium, Poppies, Black-eyed Susans and Clovers.
  4. Avoid using pesticides in your garden. Rather than just attacking the ‘bad’ bugs, these chemicals target all bugs, eliminating necessary, beneficial visitors, like bees.
  5. Stay out of their way – the best way to protect these pollinators is just to let them bee!

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