Planning a road trip with the fam? What starts off in your mind as a relaxing vacay can quickly get away from you… We’ve found there are some things parents should know when traveling with kids:

Rush Hour: Leave plenty of time to get where you’re going – you never know when a toddler meltdown or teen drama will set in. It’s also a way to make sure kids don’t feel rushed before they’re ready and you’re not panicking at the risk of missing a deadline or reservation.

Hide and Seek: When packing, stash some surprises in case you need a distraction. From bracelet-making to mini Lego to a Sudoku book or disposable camera, once boredom sets in, this trick can save everyone’s sanity.

Family Fun: Take an electronics break – break out the car games instead. Of course the classics include car bingo, eye spy and so many others, but even a great audio book can be fun for everyone to enjoy together.

Good Night: Once the sun sets, don’t be in the dark. Make sure everyone stays occupied with book lights and glow sticks. Feeling sleepy? Get cozy with pillows, blankets and pajamas. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a nap in!

Plan B: Unless it’s a surprise, get your kids in on the planning!  They are more likely to be excited for the trip and want to participate in activities where they gave some input.

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