The hustle and bustle of the season sure can be overwhelming, but don’t let mindfulness get lost in the chaos. Believe it or not, a positive, thankful outlook has been known to relieve stress, lower anxiety and get you feeling more festive than ever! Here are 5 simple tricks to stay grateful and joyful well into 2022:

  1. Give back. Making a difference in someone else’s life is sure to brighten your day. Seeing other people’s happiness might be just the reminder you need to get back to being grounded.
  2. Celebrate the season. Bring the fun back into your life! Blow off some of your to-do list to snuggle with your pet, go skating with the fam’ or just curl up in front of the fire. Taking some time to schedule in fun will get you remembering what the holidays are all about.
  3. Start journaling. From hot coffee to lighter traffic, start to notice the little things you’re thankful for each day. A gratitude journal can really help you to put things in perspective and help you see your life in a more positive light.
  4. Practice your smile. Have you ever hear the expression ‘act the way you want to you feel?’ It’s true that the more you smile, the happier you are. Take it a step further and smile at others as much as you can to help spread that festive cheer!
  5. Say thank you. Each time you say thank you, it sends a mental cue for you to feel gratitude. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it! Ditch the complaining. A simple thank you can help take your gratitude to a whole new level.