10 Ways to Fight Holiday Stress

The holidays can be stressful! Could you use a few simple tricks to manage that stress and spaaaah your way to a relaxed holiday? You’re in luck! Our spa team has put together a list of 10 ways to fight that frantic feeling and get through the holidays with ease:

  1. Pick something you love: anything from a nature walk to weightlifting will up your endorphins, lower your stress levels and even help you sleep better.
  2. Make lists. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tackling your tasks in smaller blocks will have you celebrating small successes and staying motivated to accomplish one job at a time.
  3. Go to bed early. We know you’re busy but scheduling in some early nights will cut down on the exhaustion, help improve your focus and can boost your immunity so you can avoid the dreaded winter cold.
  4. Be grateful. Consider a gratitude journal to give yourself a daily reminder of how lucky you are and put into perspective all the things that matter most this season.
  5. Get pampered. Whether this looks like a visit to the spa, a yoga class or wandering through the bookstore, treating yourself to some me-time is a great way to recharge and relax.
  6. Add aromatherapy. Researchers have found that citrus smells are mood-boosters that induce happy feelings in most people. Pick a scent that lifts your spirits and use it in your car, your office or your house for a seasonal pick-me-up.
  7. Laugh out loud. Watch a funny movie, crack up with a friend or just find the humour in the holidays to trigger endorphins, minimize stress hormones and get you in a more festive mood.
  8. The constant notifications and regular reminders can send our anxiety levels through the roof. Stagger your check-ins to stay sane and keep focused.
  9. Learn to say no. Say no to doing too much, to over-scheduling and to putting yourself under excessive pressure. Strive for balance and give yourself grace if you can’t get everything done on time. Work towards peace of mind and the body will follow.
  10. Focus on fun. Don’t let holiday crowds, tight deadlines or house guests get you down. Spend quality time with your family, cuddle your pets and fit in the things you love to bring grounding and balance to a jam-packed, stressful season.Looking for more wellness tips? Visit our blog at www.adamoestate.com.

** Photo Credit: Frances Morency Photography