In this interactive workshop you will learn how to create habit change for a healthier and more vibrant life. Overcome stress, find inner balance, and let the best version of yourself shine. You will be given tools on how to thrive when life seems overwhelming.

Work Life Balance is what millions of people like yourself are trying to achieve every day. Learn how mindset can change everything. Get tips and tools on how to effectively create the time and space in your life to attack stress, increase productivity and give you the equilibrium you’re looking for.

Feeling stressed out? The key to a healthy life is stress management. Learn simple and tangible lifelong techniques to help your team deal with stress, decrease anxiety and feel more empowered to enjoy life. A happy team translates to a successful, productive company.

Making meaningful and sustainable change in corporate culture requires leaders that can change the way they and their team perform. We take a closer look at ways to shift your mindset and in turn, the corporate culture that exists around you. In today’s climate, you and your team can go from surviving to thriving.


Authenticity and straight-up skill-building are at the core of every workshop, conversation, and call.

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This highly competitive food adventure will challenge teams to create the ultimate culinary masterpiece. A great kick-off to a conference, a predinner event, or anywhere you want to add some fun to your agenda. Breakfast and dessert options are also available.

Get that creative edge as your team produces a series of artistic master pieces in which each group member contributes their unique ideas, concepts and brushstrokes. This engaging art experience concludes with a stroll through the interactive Art Gallery.

Through demanding tribe challenges, this program will identify key elements that separate teams who simply survive from those who consistently thrive. Add to this an element of Corporate Social Responsibility and you have the makings of a truly meaningful team experience.

Do you have a newly formed team or one that is simply looking for a tune-up? In this session you will experience high performance teamwork, understand its value and know how to intentionally achieve it at work.

Developing effective leaders is a deliberate and ongoing process. This multi-stage program will inspire participants to set a compelling personal leadership vision, help them to assess their current reality and give them the tools they need for success.

Is your team struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of change? In Navigating Change we explore the link between our need for innovation and the challenge of coping with the change it inevitably causes.

Let Scott Kress engage and inspire your people with tales of an audacious Everest climb that providesinsight, tools and strategies to take your organization to the next level.

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team building activity - rowing in lake
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team building activity - rowing in lake